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Established in 1973, Multichem Ltd. based in UK is a global ink supplier, exporting to over 30 countries.

In recognition of their achievements in International trade, Multichem Ltd. was honoured with the highly prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise. The inks are manufactured in their UK factory situated in the North-East of England.

In 2011, they established Multichem Ink (Shanghai) and began manufacturing inks in Kunshan, China.

Whiteboard Markers

Permanent Markers


Pigments & Dyes

Arts & Crafts

UV marking

Board Cleaner

Screen Cleaner

Inks for use in areas exposed to atmosphere

Dry Erase Inks

The latest generation dry erase ink sets new standards for advances in Whiteboard ink technology. They are specially developed to offer super-fast erasure and enhanced marker stability (nib-up / nib-down storage).

The Fluorescent FDE variant of Whiteboard inks are bright, luminous and visually striking on both Black and White Dry Erase boards and best suited for creating displays and signs that stand out under both UV (Black) light and normal daylight conditions.

Permanent Inks

The permanent inks are specifically developed to meet the heavy metal requirements of the safety standard EN71 Part 3 2013. These are fast drying marking inks with enhanced adhesion to Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Aluminum and many more non-porous surfaces like Paper, Card, OHP film, Plastics, Metals, Glass, Ceramics, Wood, Leather as well as CD’s and DVD’s etc.

Paint Marker Inks

Paint marker inks specially developed to offer improved opacity on dark surfaces are designed for use in valve-action markers with high porosity nibs for optimum flow. The inks are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including arts and crafts and can be used on Glass, Metals, Plastics, Ceramics, Concrete, Brick, Wood, Leather, Rubber, Card, Paper and many other surfaces.

The Fluorescent FPM variety of paint marker inks are best suited for application on Glass, Metal, Wood, Plastic and most porous and non-porous surfaces to leave an intense permanent mark with high visibility and can be used for creating displays and signs that stand out under both UV (Black) light and normal daylight conditions

Other Inks


Multichem offers two types of highlighter inks – Pigmented and Dye-based. Both types are copy-fax compatible. All inks are EN71 Part 3 and ASTM D-4236 approved. EN71 Part 9 grades and 1:1 concentrates are also available for the pigmented inks.


Tag ink is a type of permanent ink used for marking polyurethane and polystyrene plastic surfaces. It varies from commonly available permanent inks in that it penetrates the surface it is used on, resulting in a truly permanent, weatherproof and light-fast mark. It is ideal for use for marking plant labels in the garden, on building sites or for any open-air situation requiring a truly permanent mark.


Ultraviolet (UV) ink lays down an invisible mark which is only revealed when exposed to an Ultraviolet light source. It can be used to mark a name, address or postcode on goods such as TV’s, PC’s, laptops, tablets, Hi-Fi equipment, DVD players, game consoles or any items of value. The goods can then be identified and traced back to the owner if they are stolen and subsequently recovered by police.

Speciality Inks

Board Cleaner

Ensuring a good writing surface is essential for enhancing the performance of any dry-erase ink. Many board cleaners are made with aggressive solvents that can damage the board surface. The two-in-one product offered by Multichem not only cleans the board but leaves a conditioning film of release agents to make subsequent erasure easier.

Screen Cleaner

The Screen Cleaner is designed for use on all screen technologies including CRT, TFT, LCD and Plasma. It can be used on any surface that is exposed to dirt or dust including laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc. Unlike alcohol-based cleaners it will not damage your screen.

Pigments & Dyes

Multichem uses pigment dispersions and solvent dyes in the manufacture of their inks. They can source this based on specific requirements of customers giving them a distinct cost advantage of volume based purchasing.

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