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Technology International is the exclusive Distributor for Floeter range of Products in India.
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Floeter GmBH is a leading German company in the field of industrial packaging, air cushion and packaging systems in Europe and the USA.

Floeter offers an integrated air cushion and packaging solution.  With their own air cushion machines of the AirWave and AirBoy series, they offer the right solution for every challenge in the daily dispatch of a variety of goods. 

The reduction of the storage space for consumables, a very low shipping weight and a high production speed characterize the air cushion machines.The logistics challenges in the mail order business are becoming more and more complex. Air cushion machines produce the required transport protection on-demand, using space-efficient film rolls.

With thin air cushion films, your packaged goods are economically viable, effectively protected and equally importantly in an environmentally sustainably journey to your customer.

Apart from modern air cushion / consumables and machines, individual integration solutions that are tailored to individual customer requirements are available. 

We can provide you with the right air cushion in a wide variety of materials, such as antistatic, biodegradable or air special high-pressure films suitable for air freight shipping. 

FLOETER air cushion systems are tested for 3-shift operation and can be used flexibly for multiple formats. The air cushion film rolls are particularly cost-efficient and flexible in use.

Air Cushion Machine

The AirWave1 Air Cushion Machine


The AirWave1 supplies up to 4 workstations with reliable air cushions – made in Germany. It is programmable and can be seamlessly integrated into the workplace. Whether small cushions or wide wrapper, the AirWave1 is a top performer in all categories.

The AirWave2 Air Cushion Machine


The AirWave2 is the evolution of air cushioning machines. Uncompromising on efficiency, speed and quality, the AirWave2 is the most flexible and user-friendly premium Model – made in Germany.

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Consumables for Air Cushion Machine

Air cushion filler


210 mm to 300 mm wide air cushions
Prefabricated cushions
To lock in place your goods
For cavity filling
As edge protection

Air cushion wrapper


420 mm to 840 mm wide air cushion
Prefabricated cushions
As an in-between liner
For wrapping
As side impact protection

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AirWavePaperWave Bio air cushion

AirWavePaperWave Bio air cushion is a biodegradable solution that safely protects your goods.

FLOETER is breaking new ground in environmental protection and delivers a clear statement on sustainability. The air-cushion chain made of >85% recycled paper is powerful and ecologically advantageous. The compostable sealing layer is ultra-thin and therefore does not negatively influence any aspect of recycling. The PaperWave®-Bio air cushion film has achieved superior environmental benefits.

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Advantages of Air Cushions :

Easy to use 

They consist of 99% air and only 1% film. This protects the environment and all cargo can be securely fixed in the packaging and secured with an “airbag” against shocks.

Secure your goods with air instead of garbage

A basic problem of e-commerce and the shipment of goods is the packaging waste. Packaging with air – that’s environmentally friendly. Crumple up the film, let the air out and re-circulate it as a recyclable material. This way, air cushions save your customers a lot of packaging waste. Furthermore you have less effort at the packing stations because your packing materials occupy less storage space. You do not need to have containers with Styrofoam chips or “peanuts” in your packing stations. Instead air cushion machines produce the air cushions at the spot and save space at the packing station.

99% less waste than wrapping paper

If you fill your boxes with paper to secure your goods, you’ll send a lot of heavy paper across the country which adds to your freight costs. The paper does not disappear afterwards, the packaging waste remains in full. This is not true for air cushions, as they consist of 99% air and only one percent of film. You’re sending practically nothing but air.

Replace the Styrofoam with air

Often goods are secured in cartons with polystyrene or packaging chips against damage in transit, although it could be protected with air cushions. Styrofoam crumbles and is difficult to dispose of. In addition, it must be placed at the packing station in advance and takes up a lot of warehouse space. Air cushions are inflated with our air cushion machines at the packing station and are packed according to your individual demand.


With the FLOETER machines and optional integration solutions you have all possibilities for the ergonomic integration into the packing station. With easy-to-use and cost-effective standards, as well as customized concepts, we offer the right solution for every packaging situation.

FLOETER offers the economically and ecologically correct solution –  Compact air cushion rolls are easy to process, space-saving and recyclable. Wrapped in the right air cushion-type film, your goods are economically and effectively protected.

Industries served

  • Electronics
  • Automotive components
  • Glassware
  • E-commerce
  • Furniture
  • Medical packaging
  • Industrial goods
  • FMCG products

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