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Launched in 1961, Tempilink® is a leading brand of innovative and accurate indication ink technology for a wide variety of applications. As the global leader in the formulation and manufacturing of indicating inks designed for process confirmation, they provide a variety of solutions in the form of heat and chemical-sensitive inks for applications in medical sterilization, tamper evident and other markets. Products printed with Tempilink® offer a quick, easy, and visible verification of their state. Whether confirming that an item has been subjected to the proper sterilization process, or that a bag has not been tampered with, Tempilinks provide consistent and reliable results users can count on.

Their product line includes medical sterilization inks, temperature indicating labels, strips, inks, and liquids.


Tempilink® are used in applications requiring a visible means of confirming a completed process. These may be positive verification of a successful process, such as a sterilization process, or a negative confirmation, such as showing a package has been tampered to gain entry.

Hospital and Medical Facilities, Veterinarian Facilities, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices, Tattoo Facilities

Tempilinks are used in multiple products as Chemical Indicators to show that items have been through a sterilization process. This is an easy visual check before the items are used again, helping to ensure safety for patients and staff.

Some of the common applications are printing of peel-pouch packaging for reusable and single-use devices, decontamination bags, and lid stock. Labels, tags, pressure-sensitive tapes, and dots can also be printed for use during on-site sterilization processes.

Products : Peel-pouches and Reels, Labels, Tags, Pressure-Sensitive Sterilization Tapes, Strips, etc.

Airports / Duty Free

When “duty-free” items are purchased at an airport, they may be placed in bags and sealed. This shows nothing has been added to the bag.

Products : Duty-Free Bags, Tamper Evident Tapes

Banks and Financial Institutions

When currency is moved between facilities or counted and being transferred to a bank or other financial institution, it is sealed in bags. Tempilink® indicators on those bags are used to validate that the package has not been tampered with.

Products : Money Bags, Pouches, Tamper Evident Tapes.

Food Processing

Tempilink® are used in printing of packaging, pressure-sensitive labels, tapes and dots providing an irreversible color change assuring that the products have completed the prescribed sterilization process.

Products : Labels, Tags, Strips

Law enforcement

At the scene of an incident, evidence may be collected and placed in evidence bags. To ensure the integrity of these bags, Tempilink® indicators printed on these evidence bags provide a visual indication whether the contents have been tampered with or not.

Products : Evidence Bags, Tamper Evident Tapes


Tempilink® are formulated to specific heat levels and/or the presence of certain chemicals used in sterilization processes. The product line includes inks designed specifically for Steam Autoclave, Ethylene Oxide Gas, Hydrogen Peroxide (Plasma), Formaldehyde Gas, Radiation, or Dry Heat sterilization procedures. The color change is permanent and irreversible so the package remains identifiable as having gone through a sterilization process.

Available in both water and solvent-based formulations, Tempilinks are suitable for printing on most conventional packaging materials including Autoclave Kraft Paper, Tyvek®, Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyimide, as well as pressure-sensitive Tape and Cloth.

Tempilink® are most commonly printed flexographically. However, they may also be printed by Gravure and Serigraph processes. The inks can be used in any application where a permanent, tamperproof means of confirming the successful completion of the sterilization process is required.

Tempilink® may be used as part of ISO 11140-1:2014 compliant systems, but they are dependent on the other materials, production processes, equipment, and personnel, etc. for successful results.


Tempilink®  Thermochromic Inks provide visible, irreversible indication that a package has been tampered with by heat. Adhesives are generally used to seal packages. These Inks, printed directly to the package closure, or printed on the sealing tape, provide a visible color change when exposed to heat at select temperatures. This way it is easy to spot which, if any packages, have been tampered with.

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