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Prime Alloy

Established in 1997, Prime Alloy Mfct. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. based in Shanghai, is a manufacturer of High Precision Miniature Balls in Tungsten Carbide, Ceramics and various Steel grades with diameters ranging from 0.20mm to 2.00mm.

They have a well-equipped facility with excellent quality control throughout all stages of production that enables them to deliver world class products. They have established global sales network in Japan, Swiss, America, India and other countries.


Writing Instruments.
The balls are suitable for Oil-based inks, Magnetic / Non-Magnetic inks, GEL ink etc and can offer anti- corrosion feature in some of the specific product models.


Carbide ball

Stainless Steel ball

Ceramic ball

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Steam or Autoclave
ETO or Ethylene Oxide
Plasma or Hydrogen Peroxide
Radiation or Irradiation
Dry Heat
Thermochromic or Security Inks