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Over 50 years ago, Porex launched the sintered porous plastics industry by developing polymer materials to support caustic fluid separation processes. Since 1961, they have applied their extensive material science, product design, and manufacturing expertise to designing unique custom product solutions that overcome complex project challenges and enable quicker product launches. Healthcare, consumer, and industrial market leaders around the world rely on Genuine PorexTM components because of the high reproducibility of their manufacturing processes, which ensure that the billionth part is the same as the first.

Over 1,300 customers in 65 countries trust POREX to develop and supply their porous material needs.


The Porex solution-oriented approach to specific application challenges has benefited our customers. With proven reputation for innovation and their decades of experience, we meet even the most complex wicking, diffusion, venting, filtration, and other functional requirements with solutions designed to give you distinct advantages. Whether for healthcare, electronics, automotive, consumer or industrial applications, Porex makes it possible.

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Porous and fiber media are used extensively in numerous venting applications ranging from medical to industrial. Porous plastics offer distinct advantages over mechanical vents or physical openings since dust and moisture can be kept out, and there are no moving parts which can stick or only work in one direction. There are numerous custom molded configurations, pore size and air flow rates, sheet and fiber materials, and self-adhesive products to choose from.


Porex has designed and developed fluid transfer (wicking) systems utilizing porous plastic materials. This is available in a wide variety of material options – from thermoplastic polymers to synthetic fibers. Porex wicking components are designed with open-cell pore structures that control liquid volume capacity and fluid transfer rates, and we have the ability to alter the surface energy of the materials to further enhance media capillarity. The products are custom engineered to optimize fluid transfer based on specific end-use product requirements.


Porex has a long history of designing and manufacturing porous plastic and porous fiber components utilized in a variety of sparging and diffusion applications – from industrial to consumer. The products are designed so that the diffusion media, which are comprised of omni-directional matrices, yield a consistent, evenly distributed vapor release. The diffusion and sparging products are custom engineered to meet specific end-use performance requirements.

Media Support

Porex has been designing porous plastic support and retention media for over 30 years. Their time-tested expertise in material science, material type selection, and part design has been applied across a variety of industries – from textiles to bioscience. The end-use applications for Porex media support products are as diverse as capturing functional additives like activated carbon in water filtration media to retention of sorbent material in chromatography columns for bioscience applications. Regardless of the industry served, the products are designed for excellent structural integrity, optimized air (or fluid) flow and efficient filtration characteristics and can be customized as per the end-use application.


At Porex, innovation is the foundation : The products list is only the beginning. Every day, their research scientists and engineering teams are creating new porous materials products and solutions to meet your needs and solve your specific challenges.

Life Sciences

Available in a wide variety of material configurations, the products are design optimized for use in demanding liquid handling, chromatography, SPE, affinity and DNA/RNA purification/extraction applications.

Clinical Sciences

Clinical science products, media and filters from Porex are design optimized to help ensure performance, purity, accuracy and reproducibility in demanding IVD, molecular and clinical diagnostic sample preparation, liquid handling and microfluidic applications.

Medical Devices

Porex offers customized solutions to meet requirements of – Medical devices from hospital central vacuum systems to arterial syringes, urine bags, catheters, and surgical adhesive applicators; Media retention filters used in the production of dialysis systems, drug delivery devices like Inhalers, nebulizers, spray pumps etc. Porous plastic sterilization vents designed for reusable steam sterilization containers and for single-use steam or EtO sterilization packaging are also offered.

Fragrance Delivery

The products offered can be broadly categorized as Air Freshener Wicks, Perfume Aspirators, Toilet Freshener Wicks and Fragrance Reeds.

These wicks are engineered for optimal pliability, allows efficient fragrance release at a controlled and linear rate and are designed specifically for consumer-branded scented oil, water-based products, insect repellents, detergents etc. They are available for both plug-in and passive (non-electrical) models.

Water Filtration

Porex offers porous plastic filter solutions to address complex design and engineering challenges in the consumer and recreational water filtration industries. Some of the applications wherein the porous plastic filter solutions can be utilized are – Underdrain Plates for municipal waste plants, Carbon Filters for Water Bottles etc.

Writing Instrument Nibs

Porex is the original producer of porous plastic nibs for the writing instrument industry especially highlighters and children’s coloring markers. The Nibs can be custom-designed using special material formulations to optimize marker system requirements. Nibs for White board markers, indelible inks etc. can also be produced.

Electric / Electronics

Porex develops porous plastic components used in the manufacturing of many products for the global electrical and electronics markets. Electronic components, computer and office equipment, telecommunications, consumer appliances, lighting, acoustic, energy generation and storage, and general industrial and commercial electronics are among the many segments of applications. The product and applications can be widely categorized into IP rated PTFE Protection Vents, Lighting Components, Sensors, Acoustic Vents, Membranes and Separators for Batteries, Solar Vents and Components for Renewable Energies, Ink Flow Control Components, Low Dielectric Material, Breathable Seals etc.

Appliances and Tools

Porex offers customized sintered porous polymer products suitable for various applications. Some of the applications wherein these are used are – Oleophobic Vents for Marine & Small engines, Aquarium Bubbler Components, Fuel Filters, Gas Cap Vents for use in gasoline tank caps for lawn and garden equipment, Oil filters for home heating systems, Power Tool Air Filter Components etc.


Using advanced processing technologies, Porex offers a variety of vented closures featuring porous PTFE, which is naturally hydrophobic. The porous PTFE vents allows for constant controlled vent rates while retaining aqueous solutions. Some of the applications wherein these are utilized are –Vents for Cap Closures and Liners, Media Retention, Vents used in the production of desiccant and oxygen scavenging devices in consumer, medical, pharmaceutical and industrial markets, Sterilization Vents, Glass Ampoule Filters for varied device requirements etc.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Nubiform® by Porex is a revolutionary porous material designed for cosmetics, beauty and personal care applications. Nubiform maintains it’s unique, open-cell porous structure in any shape – from flat sheets to assorted 2-D and 3-D geometries – making it an ideal material for liners, brushes, sponges and more.

Other Applications

Porex custom plastic fabrication has enabled leading companies worldwide to solve complex engineering challenges that improve product performance and safety while reducing costs at the same time. Some of the other applications wherein Porex products can be utilized are – Pneumatic Filters, Fluidizing Sheets, Membrane Support, Plastic Filter Housings, Pneumatic Silencers, Vacuum Hold-Down Sheets for Cutting Tables and many more.

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Vents for Urine Bags
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Sterlization Vents
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Vents for Automotives
Enclosure Vents for Outdoor Electronics
Filters for Sensors in PTFE
Advance Glass Fiber Filters with Additives
Sheets of PP, PE & Components
Optical Censor Components for Reflectivity & Light Sensing
PE, PTFE Components for Reflectives
Protection Vents of PTFE
Acoustic Vents
Membranes & Seperators for Batteries, Fuel Cells & Capacitors
Solar Vents & Components for Renewable Energies
Ink Flow Control Components
Low Dielectric Material
Breathable Seals
Sports Padding
Nubiform for Sports Padding
Nibs for Highlighters
Nibs for White Board Markers
Nibs for Children Colouring Markers
Nibs for Sketch Pens
Wicks for Air Freshners
Perfume Aspirators
Wicks for Toiler Freshner
Underdrain Plates
Carbon Filters for Sports Water Bottles
Plastic Filter Housings
Potable Water Filters
Swimming Pool & SPA Filters
Vents for Cap Clousers & Liners
Oleophobic Vents for Marine & Small Engines
Aquarium Bubblers
Fuel Filters
Gas Cap Vents
Oil Filters for Home Heating Systems
Power Tool Air Filters
Underdrain Plates
Pneumatic Filters
Fluidizing Sheets
Membrane Support
Plastic Filter Housings
Pneumatic Silencers
Vacuum Hold-Down Sheets for Cutting Tables