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As an extended arm of Porex, Technology International is offering “Vents” as a readymade solution, under the brand name of PorVent. The objective is to provide plug and play solutions desired by end consumers for venting applications. PorVent products are manufactured at our Vadodara facility, with sophisticated state-of-art machines; under the technical guidance from Porex. These vents utilize industry leading Porex PTFE Membranes manufactured in Scotland.

Being associated with POREX for the past 3 decades, Technology International has an in-depth knowledge of the specialized materials manufactured by POREX. We bring this deep knowledge to our customers offering various customized solutions.

Facility and Quality Advantage

Our world-class state of the art facility is capable of producing best in class products offering an unmatched level of repeatability. We strongly believe that the first part should be the same as the billionth and have deeply instilled this value into our production and quality centers.Our production team is highly skilled and has years of experience in handling and processing porous materials.

Using high-end European machinery from the leading equipment manufacturers and rigorous quality test methods we ensure that our products are fail proof and offer peace of mind to our customers.

100% airflow testing as well as a batch wise seal testing (destructive test) ensures that all quality requirements of our customers are met in each and every supply. In addition, liquid-membrane compatibility testing, drop testing, 100% visual testing and other customized testing solutions are done as per customer requirements in order to ensure that the product is fail safe.



  • Established manufacturing facility with basic Push Fit product catering to Chemical Industry
  • Annual capacity – 1 million parts per annum


  • Expanded capacity to 9 million parts per annum
  • Added 3 new product lines: Vented liner, Inner Plugs, High airflow PF Plug
  • Moved into a new state of the art facility powered by Solar.


  • Expanding capacity to 20 million parts per annum
  • Launching the product into EU & Asia – Pacific markets
  • New product development for Chemical industry


  • New product development planned for Electronics & Auto sector

Vented Push Fit Plug
Push Fit Plug
Chemical Container Vent
Vent Plug
Vented Cap Plug
Breathable Plug
D10 Alternative Plug
D15 Alternative Plug
D17 Alternative Plug
D38 Alternative Plug
Plastic Vent Plug
Press fit Vent
Cap Vent
HDPE Drum Vent Plug
Drum Closure Vent
Cap Closure Vent
IBC Vent Plug
Chemical Vent Plug
Hydrogen Peroxide Vent Plug
Packaging Vent Plug
Vented Inner Plug
Vented Inner Plug

Inner Plug
Plastic plug
Jerry Can Vent
HDPE Jerry Can Vent
Carboy Vent
Vented Bung
Bottle vent
Vented Insert
PET Bottle Vent
19mm Vent Plug
28mm Vent Plug
32mm Inner Plug
Mauser Vent
Packaging Inner Vent
Wads and Liners
Vented Wads
Vented Liners
Sealing Wads
Induction Sealing Wads
Vented Induction Seal
Vented PET Wad
Vented EPE Wad
Vented HDPE Wad
Vented Sealing Wad
Pesticide Vented Wad
Packaging Wad Liner
Vented Caps
Vent Cap
Vent Cap Closure
Plastic Vent Cap
Porous Vent Cap
PTFE Vent Cap
Breathable Vent Cap
Air Vent Cap
Barrel Vent Cap
Container Vent Cap
Drum Vent Cap
Gas Vent Cap
Mauser Vent Cap
Carboy Vent Cap
Chemical Vent Cap
Packaging Vent Cap
Porous PTFE Discs and Sheets
PTFE Discs
Porous PTFE Disc
Vent Disc
Porous Membrane
PTFE Sheet
Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Membrane
Water and Oil Repellant Membrane
6mm PTFE Disc
9mm PTFE Disc
10.4mm PTFE Disc
Adhesive Vents
Adhesive PTFE Vent
Adhesive Air Vent
Adhesive Discs
Automotive Vents
Horn Vent
Light Vent
LED Vent
ECU Vent
Outdoor Vent
IP rated Vent
Sticky Disc Vent
Enclosure Vent
Medical Vents
Urine Bag Vent
Dialysis Vent
Pipette Tip Vent
IV Catheter Vent
IV Canula Vent
Chromatography Vent
Suction Canister Vent
Self Sealing Plug
Electrical and Lighting Vents
Adhesive Vent
Junction Box Vent
Outdoor Vent
Electronics Vent
Heat Vent
Air Release Vent
IP Vent
Electrical Vents
Lighting Vents
Electrical Enclosure Vent
Outdoor Enclosure Vent
Automotive Vents
Lighting Assembly Vent
LED Light Assembly Vent
Light enclosure Vent
Tank Vents
Fuel Cell Vents
Battery Vents
Battery Terminal Cap Vent
Battery Cap Vent
Audio System Vent
Acoustic Vents
Acoustic enclosure Vent
Key FOB Vent
Electric Motor Vents
Industrial Electric Motor Vent
Windscreen Wiper Vents
Auto Wipers Vents
Gas Sensor Vent
ECU Vent
Oil Filter Vent
Automotive Filter Vent
Horn Vent
Porous Plastic Sheets
PE Sheet
PP Sheet
PTFE Sheet
Filtration Sheet
Water Treatment Sheet
Water Purification Sheet
Carbon Filter
Air Reflector Sheet